Q. In relation to COVID-19, What precautions are you putting in place to reduce the chancing of spreading or being infected with the virus?

A. (1)We have temporarily put a restriction on the number of party attendees.
(2)We only allow for one adult to supervise at any given time.
(3)Children should not attend the party if they are showing signs of sickness. Party hosts will politely ask supervising adults to remove children showing any symptoms of illness.
(4) Children will be asked to wash their hands at the beginning of the party and may be asked to use the provided sanitiser throughout.
(5)We will continue to disinfectant and clean all equipment after every use. Throws, towels and robes will be washed after every use.
(6)Staff will be wearing appropriate PPE where necessary and possible.
(7)Staff have the right to decline to work in any environment they feel are at risk or unsanitary

Q. Do you come to us?
A. Yes, we are a mobile company and travel to you. Whether it is your home, Hotel, Hall.

Q. Will I have enough space for a pamper party in my home?
A. As long as there is enough space to seat those attending the party then it should be ok. We sometimes have customer email pictures of their intended party space so that we can judge if the space is big enough. We have also on occasions (customer request and subject to availability) had party hosts visit the intended venue prior to put customers minds at rest.

Q. What do we need to provide?
A. We only need you to ensure there is enough seating (chairs, sofas or stools are all ok) and available hot water.

Q. Will my chairs and floors get damaged?
A. We cover your chairs and seating with throws and cover your floors with plastic covering to prevent any water damage. Our party hosts are very vigilant and tidy throughout the pamper party to ensure your home is as when they arrived.

Q. How long does it take to set up?
A. Depending on the size of the party, it can take anything from 30 minutes to an hour to set up a pamper party. The party host(s) will arrive 30mins- 1hour before the party start time to set up. It takes roughly the same time to pack up, again, depending on the size of the party.

Q. What is the maximum number of attendees?
A. We can currently accommodate up to 30 children per pamper party. If you have slightly more, please still contact us as we still may be able to accommodate.

Q. Do you provide Adult Pamper Parties?
A. Our main focus is currently on our little Divas however we have recently begun to take on adult parties of up to 8 maximum. Enquire today if you’re interested.